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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

12 minute cake

My Tupperware Stack Cooker arrived today, I was so thrilled. I already had dinner planned out for the evening so I was sad that I will have to wait until tomorrow to use it.
My husband texted me and let me know that he is going to take his college admission test today and was getting his student id card. Being a very proud wife I decided I could make him a cake.

So after running errands today all over Gig Harbor I came home and had dinner with my family. We cleaned up the table and I began to prepare our dessert in honor of my wonderful husband. I chose to make a Black Forest Cake this evening (there are so many options) with the stuff I grabbed at Target today. A box chocolate cake mix, a can cherry pie filling and three 3 eggs.

stir ingredients into bowl

Place in bottom casserole dish with cone

Cook for 10-12 minutes in the microwave, uncovered

Immediately take out of pan and place it on a plate

Serve with leftover pie filling


While cake was cooking in the microwave I washed out the one bowl and spoon that I used to prepare the cake. Once it was finished I placed the cooker in the sink that I had filled with water when cleaning the bowl.

Cake comes out steaming, however you can cut it right away. Will not fall apart.. Cake cools quickly once cut .. my husband says that he cannot believe it was microwaved, it is so very moist!

Cake will be stored in my Cake Taker for a few days.. if the cake lasts that long :)

Currently the Stack Cooker is on sale for $65.. retail price is $119.. buy one of your own today to see what other yummy creations you can make! www.my.tupperware.com/thetupperwarechic

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