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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Plan The Perfect Book Party!

Step One: Show Catalog & Flyer Show the catalog & flyer to everyone you can. Let me know if you
want to set-up an online link. Then, Invite people to visit your TupperConnect party online and watch your sales GROW! ** Must collect at least $150 in book orders to combine with online sales** Don’t forget the following people!
* Friends
* Relatives
* Neighbors
* Co-workers – current & former
* Church & Social Contacts
* School Friends
* Contacts thru Children
* Spouse/Roommate Co-workers
* Places you do business
* People who are interested in fundraisers

Step Two: Collect Orders! Think of your spouse/roommate’s co-workers, church members and guests unable to attend. Remember out of town family and friends. Tupperware is so fun and functional – ask everyone, you’ll be surprised how easy it is!

Step Three: Remind Everyone! Reminder Calls – Don’t miss out on sales because people forgot when they were due!! Give a courtesy call reminding them to turn them in!

Step Four: Make Your Wish List! How much Tupperware do you want FREE? How many items at Half Price? Are you interested in Host Specials? Start making your Wish List.

Tupperware uses Host Credits as a way for you to purchase FREE items!
Party Sales      Host Credits Earned and  ½ off Items
$1,000 or more        20%                             3
$450 - $999             15%                             2
$250 - $449             10%                             1
$150 -249 Thank You Gift *also added to all levels above too!
**When you get 2 Datings from parties $450 or higher you Earn EXCLUSIVE Host Gifts & Bonuses!** As a host, you can earn Host Credits based on your party sales and parties dated. Host credits can be used to purchase the EXCLUSIVE Host Gifts or as money for FREE Tupperware! One Host Credit = $1. The higher your party sales and number of datings from your party the more ‘FREEBIES’ I can give you! Encourage your friends and family to bring the fun of Tupperware to their homes by dating a party. This helps earn more FREEBIES for you and for Them! **Host Credits CANNOT be applied to ½ price items or Sale Items. Must be selected from Main catalog excluding fundraiser items**

Now that you know how easy it is.. call me to get your book party started today!
Best Opportunity is Joining my Team and making $$$

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