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Thursday, July 18, 2013

tupperware stains and odors tips & tricks

• To remove most stains from your Tupperware, you can use a paste made from
baking soda and water.

• If the stain is set in, baking soda may work but you can also use straight


• Placing Tupperware on the lawn in the sun helps. The chlorine in the grass

helps remove the stains.

• Try to remember to run you Tupperware under COLD WATER before placing

tomato products in them, this helps close the pores of your Tupperware.

• To remove tomato stains, wash the product in COLD water using dish liquid.

• Use cold water right after the tomato product is removed. Once the stain sets

in, you may not be able to remove it at all.

• Also you can use a light coating of vegetable spray before placing tomato

products in the Tupperware bowl or container.

• To remove odors you can crumple up newspaper and seal up in the

Tupperware. Leave for a couple of days and then wash. Repeat if necessary.
(The charcoal in the newspaper ink, helps remove the odors)

• Sealing a charcoal briquette in your Tupperware will remove odors, too.

• Odors can also be removed by sealing your Tupperware with baking soda

inside. Again, leave for several days and then wash.

• Another good odor-removing trick is to seal apple peeling in your Tupperware,

leave for several days then wash.

• Baking soda paste or degreaser, or diluted bleach solution will remove the

stickiness from any of your Tupperware products.

• If ever anything molds in your Tupperware, kill the mold with vinegar. Seal

straight vinegar in the product and leave it for several days. The mold will not
grow back. It would if you didn't kill the mold before using the piece again.

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